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FR SPIN 310 - black
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SEBA Marathon 110

The basis of the skate is a shell, composed of carbon and glass fibers, which is a common practice for skates of this type. Even though it is not as light as a full carbon shell, it still boasts lightness. The overall stiffness of the skate remains at a high level, which guarantees a dynamic and agile skating experience. Integrated padding creates snug comfort and provides excellent control over every movement. The heel stays firmly and reliably in place, which is expected from skates derived from freestyle slalom models. The premium insole is carefully designed to provide firm arch support. The outer shell is virtually identical to Trix skates, which means it's durable and stiff. The lacing holds the foot in place and is tightened using a toe strap and two micrometric buckles. Importantly, this shoe is lower than the Trix shoe, making it an ideal choice for speedskating.

One of the highlights of the skates is their triangular cuff. This innovation has been successfully used in the Trix freestyle slalom models, where it allows greater freedom of movement of the ankle than a traditional cuff. The skates provide excellent lateral support while allowing for a low profile that follows the movement of the body. The shoe is equipped with a mounting distance of 195 mm, which is standard for most speed skates. The metal plates are tightly integrated into the shoe and serve as frame attachment points. Each includes 7 screw holes, allowing for plenty of frame adjustment options and compatibility with a wide range of 195mm wide frames.

The frame is extruded and precision CNC machined, with side bridges (hollow tubes) that increase rigidity. It is intended for four wheels with a diameter of 110 mm. You can achieve high speeds with this frame, but it requires a certain amount of experience and skill to take full advantage of it. Seba Speed wheels have a hardness of 85A and are a solid choice for training, although they are not designed for speed records like professional speed skating wheels. The Twincam ILQ9 PRO bearings are made of stainless steel and will repeatedly provide excellent performance even at high speeds.

All in all, we recommend the Seba Marathon for skaters who don't need a low-cut shoe but want more ankle freedom than most semi-racing skates offer.

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